About Fund

Фонд 60+ / Fund 60+

Fund 60+ is nonprofit organization located in St. Petersburg, Russia, reorganized from SICUAP partnership.

The purpose of the fund: the organization, management and support of projects focused on improvement of quality of life of seniors taking into account aging of Russia’s population. Aging is a global trend that changes all aspects of society and the individual. We consider it necessary to look positively at the influence of aging, going to study and understand this trend.

This approach creates many opportunities to make the life of the seniors better. Using our experience in business, finances, media and development of the senior housing and care market in the Fund’s work, we are taking advantage of these opportunities.


The Fund is financed from the founders’ money, voluntary contributions and donations from partners, as well as grants. Revenues from commercial projects are used exclusively to finance the Fund’s statutory goals.


The Fund is independent entity and managed by private persons. The setting up of the Fund is a continuation of their work on SICUAP partnership and Project 60+, which was dedicated to creating the conditions for investing pension funds in the senior housing and care. Project’s work was aimed to modernize legislation, unite market participants, promote the senior care, and it confirmed the demand for practical projects and necessity of a new nonprofit organization.



The Fund’s activities will be built as a combination of interrelated projects in several areas. Senior housing and care, Training and education for the seniors and their relatives, Events and promotion of the improving the quality of life of the seniors, Innovations and new technologies for older people.

The Fund performs as a management company, developing concepts, organizing financing and attracting partners and contractors for the implementation of projects.


We see pension funds, asset management companies, tech companies, care providers, real estate developers, research and educational institutions among the Fund’s partners.


Reorganization of SICUAP partnership to Fund 60+ completed.


Vadim Barausov
+7 921 932 64 16